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Skin care is a priority with today's generation of people, especially the ones who are developing signs of aging. The increase of chemicals in our lives and the side effects of it have turned us towards a chemical free life with fresh fruits and vegetables. As our skin absorbs all the chemicals that are present in the skin care lotions and creams so we need to turn to organic skin care. Herbal skin care is manufactured of bio degradable, organic herbal elements.

Natural skin care products are healthy and rejuvenate the skin fast due to high presence of anti oxidants. Few anti aging skin acre products also have intensive organic products like almond which is a good source of ketones. It rebuilds collagen which is what provides the elasticity and suppleness in the skin. Usually herbal based skin care products have special nutrients and minerals that can only be found in sea weeds and many plants. Many exotic sea minerals and plant extracts are added to skin products to make your skin soft, smooth and young looking.

After the age of 30, skin starts to lose its elasticity and if you do not take proper care, signs of aging can be seen. Drinking a lot of water and eating nutritious meals will not only benefit your skin but control your weight also.

While the best organic skin products for your skin are those which do not have animal fat or have high levels of oils in their composition. People with sensitive skins should be even more careful about the ingredients that the cosmetics and skin care products contain to avoid having skin irritations, rashes and allergies. With a big demand for herbal skin care products, companies have products suiting every skin type so whether you have a dry skin or a normal one, there are many products to suit your need and the suitable products have just the right ingredients to make you look beautiful and young again. Apart from providing you moisturizing and softening your skin most of them protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Sage, lemon, almond, chamomile, lavender are just a few of the herbs or plants which can do wonders to your skin. Using pure natural oils are effective moisturizers. Almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil is known for therapeutic qualities especially if one is suffering fro skin rashes and allergies. As bases in cosmetics and skin care products, these make wonderful moisturizing products.


Five Things Essential to Skin Care

Skin care is a delicate matter. Skin is baby soft when we are born and becomes dryer, rougher and more saggy as time goes by. Hormones can cause pores to clog, which will result in pimples and acne. Age causes skin to sag and wrinkle. The environment and life choices such as smoking can further the damage. Five things in particular are useful in fighting the effects of time and our surrounding on our skin.

All skin care routines should begin with a good cleanser. It is important to take note of what kind of skin you have. Some people have oily skin while others have dry tight skin. Some people have a combination of both types. There are also many people with sensitive skin. Many cleansers are specially formulated to fit any skin type. Excess oil on the skin can lead to an increase in pimples. Dry skin feels extremely tight immediately after cleansing. Dry skin may flake off. Combination skin will feel oily in the T zone and dry elsewhere. Good skin care requires cleansing in the morning and at night.

Moisturizer is the second thing that is essential to skin care. Moisturizer helps to restore natural oils washed away during cleansing. Lotions used on the body should not be applied to the face. Certain moisturizers are specially formulated to protect against wrinkles as you age. Some moisturizers contain sunscreen to help protect against the sun during the day. Different moisturizers should be used at night to revitalize the skin while you sleep. Moisturizer should always be a part of any skin care routine.

Water is the third thing that should be included in any skin care regimen. It is recommended that you drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday. Water is needed to help the body function properly. It also helps to cleanse the pores and keep skin looking vibrant and radiant. Water helps to keep the skin hydrated from the inside.

Exercise is also important to skin care. Many experts agree that exercise can improve the look and feel of skin. Exercise improves circulation and helps to flush out toxins. It helps to deliver nutrients to the skin and encourages the production of collagen, which reduces wrinkles. Exercise is also effective in reducing stress, which can in turn reduce acne. It is important to remember to cleanse immediately following exercise to prevent the pores from getting clogged.

Diet is the final essential ingredient in a good skin care regimen. Like water, a healthy diet keeps the body functioning properly. Diet is also responsible for delivering important nutrients to our skin. Vitamin A obtained from low fat dairy products will help keep skin looking vibrant. Antioxidant rich foods such as berries will help skin appear younger. Healthy oils help keep the skin hydrated. Green tea, whole grains, salmon and nuts are all beneficial to skin as well.

Good skin care doesn't come easy. With these 5 things, skin will be healthy, vibrant and younger for a long time to come.


What is Natural Skin Care?

Natural skin care uses naturally-derived ingredients such as roots, herbs, essential oils and flowers combined with naturally occurring carrier agents, preservatives, humectants, surfactants and emulsifiers. The typical definition is based on using botanically sourced ingredients now existing in or formed by nature, without the use of synthetic chemicals. Natural products are produced in such a way to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. People who use natural products are less concerned with artificial beauty enhancements, as they feel that natural beauty is healthy beauty.

Natural products include a wide array of skin care ingredients that are normally extracted not only from florals but also from the other sources of nature such as the sea. Some examples of ingredients include jojoba, vitamin e, safflower oil, sea salts, olive oil, grape seed extract, shea butter, beeswax, witch hazel, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and chamomile. Natural ingredients contain the necessary nutrients, vitamins and fatty acids that will keep your skin looking soft.

Aloe vera is one of the most popular and effective remedies nature has to offer, and is found in everything from skin products to cosmetics. Aloe Vera is renowned for its healing and hydrating properties.
You can either purchase products or make your own remedies at home. There are probably several ingredients in your kitchen you could use right now. That is the other beauty of natural care. Here are a couple recipes to get you started.

Oatmeal scrub for oily - irritated -or broken-out skin
In a bowl mix:

2 Tablespoon oatmeal
4 Tablespoon plain yogurt
1 Tablespoon lemon juice
1 Tablespoon chopped parsley
1 teaspoon olive oil
until it forms a paste. Rub paste into your skin and wait 5 minutes. Rinse skin with warm water.

Anti-wrinkle mask

Beat 1 egg yolk into 2 Tablespoons of milk and spread over washed skin. Keep it on for five minutes, rinse with warm water, and follow with a moisturizer.

Natural skin care is not just about putting natural ingredients on your skin. It is also about how you take care of your skin from the inside. If you are not eating healthy with includes a diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, essential fatty acids and drinking plenty of water, then your skin will suffer the consequences. It also involves exercise. Inactivity brings about a sluggish circulation which influences how your skin looks by promoting cellulite, bloating, puffiness, acne, and loss of muscle tone.

Natural products are one of the fastest growing product segments in the world. People everywhere are making the change from synthetic products to natural cosmetics, natural skin care products and natural hair care. By using effective skin care products, knowing the good foods for healthy skin, exercising and using natural skin care treatments, you can keep your skin looking beautiful.

Always be sure to include your healthcare provider in your natural skin care treatments.


Skin Care Tips

1. An overlooked Skin Care tip is to protect yourself from the sun! Skin Care begins first by not exposing your skin to the most dangerous element -the sun. Use sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight between the hours of 10 and 2.

2. Don't -- I repeat -- don't smoke. Your skin is a large organ and it needs a lot of circulation. Smoking impairs skin care dramatically. That's why smokers' skin looks dull and gray. It is near impossible to practice good skin care while smoking. Instead of having oxy-generated blood delivered to the surface of the skin, the skin receives poisons and oxidants.

3. Start your daily skin care plan by Hydrating. Hydrate your skin by drinking only water at the beginning of the day and throughout the day.

4. As you can tell from prior tips, proper skin care can be influenced by a lot of environmental factors including stress - Protect yourself from both emotional and environmental stress.

5. Take care of your face by washing your face twice a day using a cleanser containing AHA's in the morning and a cleansing milk in the evening.

6. Don't neglect certain areas of the skin. Skin care includes the Elbows, heels, and neck. These parts of your body that have been exposed to the elements over the years need exfoliation and moisturizing. Try using a body wash containing AHA's and vitamins to exfoliate and nourish your entire body. Skin care literally is from head to toe.

7. Touch your face less and wash your hands more! It's very tempting to pick, poke, squeeze, and scratch your skin in front of the mirror. But the more you traumatize the skin, the greater your risk of infection and scarring. Apply treatment products for skin care and let them work.

8. Keep your makeup clean. Replace the sponges in your compact, and clean your brushes on a regular basis.

9. You are what you eat. Often, oily skin, dry skin, and other skin problems can also result from an improper diet or not eating/absorbing adequate nutrients! A nutrient tip to counter or supplement your current diet is to take Vitamin C. Vitamin C in a daily dosage of 2000 mg is recommended to help maintain and prevent the appearance of "broken blood vessels." Vitamin C is one of the building blocks of blood vessel walls and helps strengthen them. This leads to more resilient skin.
NSI Vitamin C - 1000 mg icon- Pick up some vitamins from Whole Foods, Central Market, Sun Harvest, or your local health store. Steer away from supermarkets that usually have lesser grade vitamin products.

10. Keep your skin care regimen simple. And when you do add a new product, do it gradually so your skin has time to adjust. Skin care does not work with over indulgence or overuse. So adjust your skin care program as needed to apply the right amount of products that you need.


Choosing Anti Aging Skin Care Products - What You Must Do!

Skin has many important functions in our body such as; protection, excretion and nourishment. However, as we grow in age, the environment and the foods that we put into our bodies can have a devastating effect on our skin. Some anti aging skin care products have the usual claim of reversing those effects and maintaining a youthful look and feel.

Aging skin is something we cannot prevent, that is life. However, we can slow the process down and make our skin look better. Anti aging skin care can begin very early in life, however sunburn and other factors will hasten our need to care for our skin. It would be nice if the many commercials would stop using 25 year old women to show the results of their anti aging skin care products.

The fact that the models used in these vivid commercials look younger than most of us, makes it near impossible to determine whether the product are working or not. But, I guess they have to sell their products right, so whatever works for them. However, my advice is, know your skin and speak to your doctor before you embark on any  regime.

There are three main types of anti aging creams on the market today: herbal, artificial, and natural. Natural anti-aging creams contain many common ingredients, most derived from natural plant material. Anti-aging skin creams, in whatever form, are designed to not only fight and prevent wrinkles, but to also give your skin a more, vibrant, youthful, healthy glow.

Today, there is an increasing demand for pure, natural and organic products for the  skin and cosmetics. I would like to mention here that the use of tomato for the skin  is ideal because of its cooling and astringent properties. Also, the antioxidant properties of tomato are great for inside our bodies, it is has also been shown to work just as well outside the body. In fact, a number of natural skin care products include tomato or tomato base elements in their products.

Most individuals chose to use natural herbal products as their anti aging skin care product of choice. However, even though herbal products are supposed to be safe for any and all skin types, it is still advisable to test it on a small patch of your skin first, to ensure there are no signs of allergic reaction.

Before you buy any anti aging skin care products, ask your self, is it the right product for your type of skin? Also, do not just look at the label to find the answer, you need to consult a skin doctor or get proper advise from someone who knows. Not all  products are good for all skin types, especially if those skin types are ethnically different.

My friends, take care of your skins and remember what you put it in is what shows outside.
Live well , look well


Acne-Prone Skin Care In 5 Simple Steps

There are some people who are just unfortunate enough to have acne-prone skins. They may have the same lifestyle and hygienic regimen as other people, but they inexplicably end up with more pimples and acne symptoms. This means that the skin is really prone to the acne condition. Thus, people with acne-prone skin will have to be more careful in lifestyle choices and product use.

The Right Care For Acne-Prone Skin

Resignation to the reality of the acne prone skin will not help you in the long term. It would be better to be proactive in taking care of your skin problems. These are some of the measures that you can take.

1. Regularly Pamper the Skin
An acne-prone skin needs a lot of caring. You should pamper it. You do this by regularly washing your face with a gentle facial wash. You should also apply a toner to ensure that the pores will not be clogged after being opened up to cleansing.

Then keep in mind the moisturizer. Moisturizing remains the key to a beautiful and youthful skin. This way, after washing out the dirt in your face, you will not leave it all dry. Through this basic regimen, you can ensure that you are maintaining the good hygiene that your acne-prone skin needs.

2. Always Be Gentle
Most people will go on scrubbing their faces thinking that it helps get rid of the dirt faster. However, this is not a good practice. Scrubbing the face vigorously actually irritates the skin. It can worsen the condition of the pores and that is something you do not want to happen.

The key is to be gentle to the skin. When washing your face, be sure to gently massage your acne skin care product. Use warm water. Then use a soft towel to pat your skin dry.

Someone with acne-prone skin must be careful in choosing cosmetic products. It is best to stick with the ones that are gentle to the skin too. These products are often labeled as non-comedogenic. This will assure you that the product does not block your pores. Also, as a beauty tip, make sure you get rid of all the makeup stuff in your face before going to sleep.

3. Use Sun Protection
Make sure you are able to block your skin from harmful UV rays. This will help you avoid getting a bad sunburn. Keep in mind that your skin will be more prone to sunburn when you use acne-curing products. Protect your sensitive skin with the right sunblock. Use also the umbrella to shield yourself from the sun. You should also avoid using tanning products. These may temporarily hide your acne but they do no good to your overall skin condition.

4. Avoid Bad Habits
There are some bad habits that you have to avoid if you want to improve your skin condition and avoid acne problems. Pimples are detestable. However, do not go on popping or squeezing them. This is a bad habit that can worsen acne. Get your hands out of your face as much as possible. Your hands may have germs and bacteria that can infect your pimples. It is also wise not to maintain hair bangs. Your hair can irritate your facial skin just as your hands would.

5. Consult a Dermatologist
Finally, consulting a dermatologist is the surest way that you have to address your acne-prone skin care needs. The dermatologist can recommend good medication so that your skin problem will be minimized. He or she may also prescribe some antibiotics so that you will not be susceptible to infections.


The Most Common Acne Skin Care Products

Acne is a very common problem. While it does not generally point to other
underlying health problems, it is still very distressing. Nearly all people who
have acne are interested in treating it. If you are one of those people, you are
most likely wondering what acne skin care product would work for you.
Fortunately, because most if not all forms of acne are treatable, there is at
least one acne skin care product on the market for every acne sufferer. It is
simply a matter of educating yourself about the most common acne skin care
products available.

There are many acne skin care products available at the drugstore or supermarket
that you can buy without a prescription. Most of these will contain benzoyl
peroxide, an ingredient commonly found in any given acne skin care product.
Before explaining how benzoyl peroxide works, it is helpful to know how acne is

Acne is triggered by a form of bacteria called propionibacterium acnes, or
P.acnes for short. P. acnes lives within human skin. If the sebaceous follicles
in your skin become clogged, it creates an environment where P. acnes can thrive
and multiply. When P. acnes multiplies, a blackhead (or closed comedone) forms,
which can lead to other types of pimples, such as whiteheads (open comedones),
pustules, or nodules, which are large, deep, and cyst-like. An acne skin care
product containing benzoyl peroxide can combat all of these types of pimples.
P. acnes cannot live in the presence of oxygen, which is why an acne skin care
product containing benzoyl peroxide works. Benzoyl peroxide is an oxygen-
releasing chemical in the organic peroxide family. When you apply benzoyl
peroxide to a pimple or a generally affected area, this chemical is absorbed
into your clogged pores and releases the oxygen that destroys P.acnes.
Over-the-counter acne skin care products that contain benzoyl peroxide are very
effective at treating mild acne outbreaks. These products are available in
several different concentrations, including 2.5%, 5%, and 10%. You can find an
acne skin care product containing benzoyl peroxide in the form of a cream, gel,
lotion, facemask, or cleansing bar. It is best to start with an acne skin care
product containing a 2.5% concentration of benzoyl peroxide because it is less
irritating and treats mild acne very effectively.

If you do not get the results you want, you can move on to try an acne skin care
product containing either a 5% or 10% concentration. If these still do not work
for you, and you wish to try a product with an even higher concentration, you
will need to see a doctor. If the doctor believes you would benefit from an acne
skin care product with a high concentration of benzoyl peroxide, he or she will
write you a prescription.

Finally, you must be aware that there are some minor side effects when using an
acne skin care product containing benzoyl peroxide. These side effects include
dryness, redness, and irritation. If it turns out you are allergic to benzoyl
peroxide, you must stop using your acne skin care product immediately. In
addition, an acne skin care product containing benzoyl peroxide will make you
more sensitive to sunlight, so take care to avoid unprotected skin exposure when
you are outdoors.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and is not meant to
serve as medical advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your doctor.
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